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Here at Fair Winds, we love to support and give back to the community. We feel that being focused on our local Neighborhood is how we gained such a strong following and passionate fans. That being said, we can’t support and sponsor all the events that we get requests for, so we have come up with some guidelines to help determine if we can support your event. If you have an event on your horizon and you think we would be a good fit to partner with, here a few things you should consider:

  • We are incredibly busy making beer, and if your event is in less than 45 days out, unfortunately, we cannot help. What can we say, our schedule is full, and we want to make sure that we give your event as much attention as it deserves.
  • Fair Winds Brewing is a Veteran owned and operated brewery, so our goal is to support Veteran and Military focused events. Second to that is our local community. If your event or group takes place in Lorton, Springfield, Alexandria or Fairfax County, we are happy to take a look at your event and see if we are a good fit. If your event falls outside these two categories, there is a good chance that we will pass on them.
  • We love supporting our community, but Beer is what we sell so if your event is for people who are under 21, such as youth sports, we’ll probably pass. Responsibilities…we take them seriously. That means no events geared towards kids or that encourage irresponsible behavior.
  • We’re sticklers for the Letter of the Law, so make sure you have all the licensing and permits required lined up…it’s the first thing we’re going to ask for.
  • We love the fact that our fans want to have Fair Winds beer at their private events, and we are happy to sell you kegs through our tap room for those events. Right now however, we don’t quite have enough bodies to help man those events or pour beer at them.

Ready to move forward? Great! Take a moment let us know some details by shooting us an email at info@fairwindsbrewing.com. Someone will get back to you in a couple of weeks to let you know if your event sounds like something we can work with you on.

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