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Are you pet friendly?
Virginia health code prohibits pets in the taproom with the exception of registered service pets. However, pets are permitted in our outdoor seating area when it is open.

Are you kid friendly?
We love kids and even have some of our own. Bring the whole family to the taproom and enjoy your visit, but please be respectful of other guests by monitoring children and keeping them safe. Unattended children will be taught to swear like sailors.

I think I forgot to close my tab. What happens?
We’ve all been there. Have no fear; we will close your tab at the end of the night and add a 20% gratuity for our Thirstmates.

Do you have wine/cider/mead/liquor/bud light?
In short, no. Our ABC license permits us to only serve the beer we make here at the brewery. We do not have a license to make cider or wine, and cannot serve beverages manufactured by other companies. Our beer list, however, covers a wide variety of styles and flavors, and our expert Thirstmates are happy to help you find the one that meets your tastes.

Can we bring our own alcohol?
Our ABC license prohibits the consumption of any outside alcohol on the premises. Please leave your alcohol in your vehicle and try one of ours instead!

Can we buy growlers or six packs and drink them in the taproom?
While our growlers and six packs are tasty and look great in your fridge at home, you cannot consume them in the taproom. Grab a pint or two while you’re here and get your growlers and cans to go!

Do you serve food?
We have a variety of snacks available in the taproom, including popcorn, beef jerky, and chips & salsa. We also feature food trucks most days of the week. Please call the taproom to check the food truck schedule.

Can we bring our own food?
You are welcome to bring whatever food you would like to the taproom! Many of our customers also order food and have it delivered. Ask a Thirstmate for a book of delivery options and menus.

Do you have merchandise?
We have a variety of merchandise options ranging from koozies and ball caps to golf shirts and sweatshirts. Come by the taproom to see what we have in stock.

Do you have gift cards?
We offer gift cards in the taproom, as well as online through our website. Click here to purchase one.

Do you do brewery tours?
We do free tours of our brewing facility on the first Saturday of every month. Follow us on our social media accounts to get more specific information.

Will you be showing the game?
We have two televisions in the taproom and show all locally available sports events. We’ll turn on whatever game you want, as long as we get it. Requests are first come, first serve.

Do you have live music?
We often have live music on Friday nights! Follow us on our social media accounts for more specific details.

Can I reserve a table for my party / Can I have a private party in the taproom?
We are happy to accommodate your party when we can by reserving you some space in the taproom. Please fill out the party request form on our site!

Do you fill other breweries’ growlers?
We fill all growlers, provided they are proper 32oz, 64 oz or 128oz growlers (we don’t fill milk jugs!). It doesn’t matter what’s on the label when it comes in; it’s the beer inside that counts when you leave!

Do you make root beer?
Fair Winds does not brew our own root beer, but we do have a variety of canned sodas available for the designated drivers.

Is <insert beer name here> on tap?

The beer list on our website denotes the types of beer we have made or have scheduled for the current year. Our Core Four beers are available year-round, but many of the other beers are seasonal and have limited availability. If you want to make sure we are serving a particular type of beer, it is best to call ahead.

Do you have a wheat beer? Will you ever make a wheat beer?
Probably not, but don’t be disappointed. Come try a pint of our gold-medal winning Siren’s Lure saison and you won’t miss that weizen anymore.
When is last call?
Our Thirstmates will typically make last call 20-30 minutes before we close. That gives you the opportunity to enjoy one last pint, fill your growlers and grab your six-packs before we set you free into the world. Don’t worry, we won’t play “Closing Time,” but we may ring the ship’s bell to let you know.

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